Monday, February 21, 2011

My first box and a birthday challenge to myself

I can't believe it's been three weeks since I posted, but a lot has been going on with family and friends, plus I had a very stubborn cold that kept me away from card making for the better part of a week.

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday and challenged myself to make 26 cards for OWH over the holiday weekend to commemorate the event. I started off making birthday cards and then realized I wanted to flesh out my Spring Thaw box with some additional Easter cards. I ended up with one third birthday and two thirds Easter. I was dumb and boxed them up before I took any pictures, so there's nothing to see in this post.

My favorite card was an Easter card that said "Alleluia He is Risen" and had a cross made of ribbons with a jeweled brad in the center. The papers I chose were floral and polka dot browns and the card just had a unique look for Easter, I thought. I might whip up a couple more for myself and post the picture later.

The reason I was so eager to get my box ready is that I'm finally done filling up my first box. I crammed 336 cards into the medium flat rate box and used a ton of packing tape to seal the top. I weighed it too. 10.6 pounds of love and paper will be heading to shipper Dixie in N.C. tomorrow.

Today I finally got all of my clear stamps put away. A pile of used ones had been growing a little too long. I find them tedious to clean and put away, so I may soon have to go to another storage system other than their original containers. I'm normally not one to toss original packaging if it's meant for storage, but this may have to be an exception. My clear stamps take up the space of two reams of paper. I am leaning toward laminated cardstock in sheet protectors in a binder, but I don't think this will be any faster at all. CD cases sound expensive and like they would also be a pain because they would hold so few stamps. There has to be something else. I also wouldn't want to break my sets apart like some people do to organize by theme.

I used to be counting how many cards I made this year. Then I got busy making cards and lost count.
Cards shipped in 2011: 336

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  1. Hi Kathryn, I couldn't figure out another way to thank you for commenting on my blog during the Bunny Hop! It's so helpful to know how to move my photos around. I never even thought of Cut & Paste (doh!). I can't believe you made that many cards for your first OWH box! Way to go. I'm slow at cardmaking, but each card counts. Hey look, I'm your first blog follower! Have a good day and see you at OWH.


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