Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching up on some recent work

OK. I made a reasonably large stack of cards in the past month or so, but I have been very slow to photograph them. I finally got around to it tonight, only to have pictures with crummy lighting. I wish I had taken the opportunity to do it on Saturday when the sunlight was bright and my photos came out well. Alas, my photos look pink.

Patriotic thank you cards made with metallic silver paper and using the MM tag curler.

Cards for boys.
Variety of thanks cards.

Hi cards.

Mixed sentiments using one of my favorite papers.

A thanks card with inchies.

Who doesn't love a pirate card? I almost said "no one" but then I realized this might not be the best card to send to the Navy.

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I'm especially thrilled with these cards. There are 8 total, each slightly different than the others. The paste paper background is left from a project in college about 6 years ago, I think. The design is simple for each card, but I think they're fairly elegant designs. The crystal brads make me happy. :)

I'm going to let myself make cards for the next hour if I also do laundry in that time.

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