Sunday, October 23, 2011


Some photos of storage solutions I like.

I really love these cubbies. Each one holds a large Paper Shaper perfectly! I got a great deal when I bought these a couple of years ago at Big Lots for about $3 each. I wish I had gotten more than 4.

Here's a wider view. You can see how my SU sets are stacked on shelves in the corner. OK, but not quite organized enough for me. I think I need a bit more space for them so they're easy to get to.

Crooked picture, sorry, but this is how I store my other wood-mounted stamps. I like this set-up a lot. Each drawer is lined with the grip shelf liner so the stamps stay in place when the drawers are opened and closed.

Cards shipped to OWH (as of 10/20/11): 1642

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