Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thoughts on "stuff"

My craft spending freeze starts now! I am finding my poor craft room is just overrun with supplies and it's harder and harder to stay organized. I have plenty of interesting things to use and I have things for each and every season, so there aren't many things I can legitimately say that I need. I will exclude from the freeze adhesive, white cardstock for card bases, and envelopes, but I have enough of those items to last me about 6 months. Postage is also excluded. I will keep a running total of what I do spend just for my information!

Other than the space issue, I'm also starting this freeze because I've noticed I'm so excited to get a good deal on something that I don't even look at new products. The fun, then, is in buying for the sake of a good deal as opposed to buying great items that I am thrilled to craft with. That isn't to say I buy everything that's ever marked down, but I will admit to having bought plenty of things I've never or barely used just because they were "kind of neat" and very cheap.

My third reason for freezing my collecting of craft supplies is that I'm seriously thinking about buying a house. If I can go several months without spending on craft supplies, that money could pay for painting a room or two in my new house, or buying patio furniture, or getting a new sofa. It's crazy to even type this, but I need to. I spent $360 in the past three months on craft supplies. That does include my big order of 2000 envelopes and 30 rolls of ATG tape which amount to about 110 dollars. The rest? Papers, punches, ribbons, stamps, and inks. Ninety percent of what I bought I really didn't need. I wanted it at the time. I'm a careful spender in all other aspects of my life, so I'm ready to get a handle on this. I shop at discount stores and an Amish market for most of my groceries, picking up sale items at the chain grocery stores. This easily saves 50% off grocery store prices. I choose not to have any TV subscription and opt for Netflix instead. I rarely (less than once a month) go out to eat or get take out. My commute is 2 minutes. My electric bill is always less than $50 a month. So, crafts, you're next! Watch out!

Game plan:
1. Don't go to the craft stores or down the craft aisles in large stores. I don't have an LSS, and I doubt JoAnn or Michael's will really miss me.
2. Organize/Catalog what I have. If you forget you have it, you might replace it with a similar or identical item. I also might discover items I haven't used that will be fun to play with!
3. Record any purchases for necessities (white cardstock, adhesive, envelopes) and any other purchases.
4. Be proud of finding new ways to use old supplies.

Cards shipped to OWH (as of 10/20/11): 1642

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  1. Amen!! I too put a serious hold on my spending last year, and I find that I still have plenty to play with! It's like an addiction, and I knew I had to stop the insanity somewhere! Good luck with it, I know it's so hard!!


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