Saturday, March 22, 2014

OWH 3.0

I can't believe it's taken me a whole week to blog about the awesome time I had supporting OWH last Saturday.

The story really starts back in October.  Nancy posted a photo to the OWH FB page with a gigantic pile of cards that she and her friends had made at their OWH card party.  I guess she had posted it from her phone, because the photo was tagged with the location.  Nancy and I live in the same state about 90 minutes apart.  I wrote a comment and asked if they had met at an LSS to make cards; I don't have one near me, but I'm sure there are some elsewhere in the state.  No, the group had met at Nancy's home.  Nancy graciously invited me to her home for the next party which was already planned for March 15th.  How amazingly organized is she? 

Fast forward a couple of months.  I asked if I should bring kits.  Nancy asked if I could do three.  In my typical style, I went overboard and made 13, which meant 150 cards to assemble.  Whoops!  Good thing there was lots of help!  :)

So last Saturday, I packed up and headed across the bridge to meet Nancy.  We'd only "met" online but right away we confessed to having done plenty of FB research on the other just to make sure we were OK!  And we were.  I had a great time.  Nancy, her sister, and her friend made lots of card kits.  The other guests were mostly non-card makers but after three of these parties, they're pretty good with the ATG!  There was lots of good food, an opportunity to earn tickets for wonderful raffle items, and good company.  I stayed almost 12 hours and made it home just before midnight.  I've already got the September date reserved. 

Here are some photos.
Nancy made this board to display my cards. 

Half of the 490 cards we made

The other half!

Look at the wonderful raffle items.

A few ladies hard at work on the final kit.

The kit makers!
I was happy to make some new friends and get to support OWH!  I am so looking forward to the next one in September!

Cards shipped to OWH in 2014: 21
Cards shipped to OWH in 2013: 829 blank and 301 AnyHero
Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: 1284 blank and 218 AnyHero
Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695

Check out OWH at to learn more about its mission and how to get involved.

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  1. It was great to meet you and I'm looking forward to crafting with you and to OWH 4.0!!! :)


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