Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kits- a first attempt

Hi! It was a busy OWH weekend for me. I re-organized my craft room a little and mostly put things away that were out of place. It made it SO much easier to be productive!!!

I'm hosting my first OWH party on Friday and I have a couple of friends coming who don't have much paper crafting experience. Kits are a must. I had no idea where to begin because I've never made kits before. I looked up some hints on the OWH Stars and Stamps blog and was on my way in no time. It seemed to me that I was doing the majority of the work without the fun of a finished product, but it works. I'll get better at doing these in the future, I'm sure and it will be worth all the work when I seen the results pile up on Friday night. Maybe next time I'll ask some friends to put together a kit also.

I ended up with 79 kits. Some are easier to finish than others. One requires embossing with the Cuttlebug and coloring. Another requires stamping, using a border punch, and distressing edges. I made dozens of paper flowers for two different cards.

Here are my kits and the assembled results. With my samples, this is a total of 90 spring cards for OWH. With all these cards made, I need to think seriously about ordering envelopes.

79 kits, complete with tools/stamps/inks.

Some variations on an Easter card:

Easter chick:

My favorite, an Easter bunny:

Father's Day:

Mother's Day:

OWH Cards made in 2011: 80
OWH Total since December 2010: 140

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