Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting 2011 with a goal!

I've been away from OWH's challenges for a while because I've been visiting family and wasn't near my supplies. It's a shame because Sandy came up with some great challenge themes and I had enough time to be crafty.

Over my Christmas vacation, I purchased lots of new crafting supplies (too many, to be honest). So, I'm going to set a goal for my OWH cards for 2011 in hopes of using these new supplies and not feeling guilty about my purchases. If I use them as intended, then I will be happy.

I've thought for a while about my goal and I decided that an average of 1 card per day is a reasonable goal. I might do more than this, especially during the summer and if we have any snow in the next few months. I won't do a card every day- my schedule doesn't allow it, but I'll do a few cards a couple of times per week. In addition to these 365 cards I've promised, I will be hosting a card party later this month. If it is well received, I'll host a few others this year.

Looking forward to being crafty in 2011!

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