Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shaving cream on cards?

Howdy! I've been on a bit of a blogging decline recently because we've been back to school for two weeks and I've been busy with my real job. If only card making could be my real job!

On Tuesday, Paula offered a tutorial on OWH Stars and Stamps on using shaving cream to make marbleized paper. She warned it was messy, and she was right! I managed to pretty well dye my hands blue and had quite a mess on my kitchen table. On the plus side, the results were cool and my hands smell good!

I made 24 card-front sized pieces of marbleized paper. I started by using three shades of SU blue re-inkers. When I had used up the ink, I just mixed the remaining shaving cream really well to make it light blue and then used purples and pinks on top, so those papers all had a light blue background. It was a good way to get some extra mileage out of the shaving cream. I had been holding onto a clear plastic box from Rocher candies for months, with the knowledge that it would come in handy for some project. It was the perfect tray for the shaving cream. For the scraper, I used a short plastic ruler, which worked really well! I used a straw to drag the pattern in the shaving cream. Next time, I will cover more of my table so I can do even more paper and have room to lay it all out.

The first card I made from it is not for OWH. It's for a friend who just announced her engagement. I'm so thrilled for her and her fiance and cannot wait for the wedding!

ETA: Here are other photos I should have uploaded before. One is a sampling of the papers I made. The other is another card rather similar to the first.

Can I ask you a favor? Please go vote for my card at Spotted Canary ( If I win, I'm going to donate the prize money to OWH. You need to be logged into FB and you may vote once a day until Sept. 7th. Tell your friends!!! Thanks so much!

Cards shipped to OWH (as of 8/2/11): 964


  1. oh wow, that turned out really cool. love the blues. thanks for sharing ~ Pam

  2. This turned out very nice! The blues look great together. I agree it can get messy but it is fun and the results are worth it.

  3. Wow! I love how this turned out, may have to go buy some cheap shaving cream :)

  4. WOW!!! these came out beautiful!! maybe i'll get daring and try it!!!


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