Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Cardmaking Goals for OWH

Last year, I made two simple goals for my OWH cardmaking. I wanted to make 365 cards and host at least one party. I'm proud to say I surpassed both goals!

My goals this year are a bit different. Due to the end of the Iraq conflict and the increased press OWH is getting, there are less heroes to receive cards and more crafters to make them. That means we can work to put more detail into our cards.
1. I want to do every OWH sketch this year. Past and upcoming sketches together, that will be just over 150 sketches.
2. I want to color at least 20% of my cards because I need to develop this skill. This will be hard to track, but can be a guiding percentage as I craft.
3. I want to include at least 1 AnyHero card for every 50 cards I make. I'm often so into the crafting that I neglect to write special messages for our heroes.
4. Purge then organize my craft room. I saw my aunt's space over the holidays and was enamored with her very organized space.

Cards shipped to OWH (as of 12/5/11): 1695

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