Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My first Stamper's Best order

I've had one Stamper's Best stamp for over two years, but I've never ordered any stamps from them until now.  What is that one stamp, you ask?  Well, it's my Operation Write Home logo stamp that goes on the back of every card I send to OWH.  Stamper's Best donates all of these stamps for OWH.  As you can see at the bottom of this post, my stamp has been going strong for well over 3,000 impressions!  These stamps are made to last. 

On Friday night, I ordered some stamps and a few of their cling storage cards.  Everything arrived yesterday, including a free gift and another OWH stamp (which they send with every order). The real reason for my purchase was the upcoming OWH Animal Pun Blog Skip featuring stamps designed by Sandy Allnock of Operation Write Home and manufactured by Stamper's Best.  Sales of these new stamp sets will benefit OWH thanks to the generosity of Stamper's Best.  I'm one of the stops on the skip, so be sure to come back on Saturday, March 9 after 9am EST to see what's in store. 

Here's a picture of some of my cling stamps loaded up on the cling storage cards. Look at how many fit on just one side of a sheet.  I've filled up 4 of the 10 I purchased and I think there are a few more cling stamps hiding out that I missed. 

This card is made with the stamp set I received as my free gift: Friends and Underwear!  The entire sentiment says, "Friends are like underwear, always near you" but I chose to highlight only the last part of the phrase. 

Cards shipped to OWH in 2013: 340 blank and 140 AnyHero (as of 1/7/13)
Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: 1284 blank and 218 AnyHero
Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695

Check out OWH at to learn more about its mission and how to get involved.


  1. I LOVE puns and can't wait to buy these stamps to support OWH!!

  2. I love how you coordinated the papers, the colors, and the twine for those cute buttons. Thank you for sharing!
    Melissa T.

  3. That's funny! Can't say I ever would have thought that underwear would be something I'd see on a card, but it works.


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