Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The last of the shirts!

Two years ago, I folded a huge stack of shirts using this OWH tutorial.   I know I had over 50 shirts at one point.  Then, I had to turn them into cards for OWH.  I realized too late that I'd made more shirts than OWH likes to receive as multiples, so I ended up spreading them over a few years.  The last 8 shirts were finished up today!  I inked the backgrounds to go with the shirts.  Part of the reason I hadn't used these particular shirts was that I had trouble matching them to my other papers, so making my own solved that problem. 

Think about trying a new-to-you OWH tutorial this week from the archives.  There's also a necktie perfect for Father's Day.  Cards for Father's Day are due by the end of April this year, so you have about a month to make them- don't delay! 
Cards shipped to OWH in 2013: 340 blank and 140 AnyHero (as of 1/7/13)
Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: 1284 blank and 218 AnyHero
Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695

Check out OWH at www.operationwritehome.org to learn more about its mission and how to get involved.

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  1. I'm all about the neckties; these shirts are awesome though! 50 shirts is pretty impressive. :)


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