Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tutorial Part 2: Repurposed Stickers

Yesterday, I shared a technique to repurpose epoxy stickers using a Sharpie marker

Today, I want to take that tutorial one step further.  You'll need:
  • epoxy stickers
  • black Sharpie
  • Versamark
  • embossing powder (opaque color)
  • heat tool
  • protected work surface
We're going to make these: 

  1. Color your epoxy dot stickers with the Sharpie and let them dry.  I also tried this without coloring the dots and it produced a lighter finished product with the original color showing through.  Experiment! 
  2. Gently stamp the dots into the Versamark.  If your Versamark pad is new and clean, you might notice some ink rub off and stain the pad.  Avoid excessive pressure when inking the dots to reduce ink transfer.  (Ask me how I know.  ;)  Thankfully, my Versamark pad is 7 or so years old, so this wasn't its first small stain.)
  3. Coat the dots in embossing powder.  I used a color called "hematite" by Stampendous that produces an interesting metallic look.  
  4. Use your heat tool to melt the embossing powder.  
  5. If you have ragged edges on your finished product, they will likely come off easily with your fingers, or you can use a small sanding block to gently remove excess embossing powder trails.  
The finished product on a couple of cards:

 This one is lighter because I didn't color the dot first.  The dot was pink before it was embossed. 
I hope you try these dots on your cards and let me know what you think!

Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: none thus far, but my box is filling up nicely! Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695

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  1. LOVE the idea of creating something new with epoxy stickers! i have a bunch of the alphabet ones that i used in the past to spell out things. now i can't spell anything with that is left. that is a great tip! thanks!!


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