Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheap (Virtually Free) Copic Storage

I've been growing my collection of Copic markers over the past several months one eBay auction at a time.  I hit the point recently that my storage bag no longer held all of my markers.  That meant it was time to find a new storage solution.  I'd seen the foam core storage that's been all over the blogs but it looked a bit harder than anything I was up for and I don't have foam core (or a store in town that sells it).  Lacking a handy hubby to whip up something in his workshop, I thought about what I could make myself.  Thinking about what was around the house, I realized I had a few empty frosting tubs.  I bake for my kids at school from time to time and every time I finish a container of frosting, I think there must be something great I can do with it.  I do use them to hold writing utensils at school, so why not use them for my Copics?  And wouldn't it be handy if they were sideways? 

Here's my free storage container, made with items already in my house! 

Now, it's more function than form- there are bits of hot glue here and there, and the containers still have a bit of label residue on them.  I'm OK with this- my craft room is a workspace not a gallery.  If you need gorgeous, you'll buy something.  If you want function, this works.  Really, who wants to shell out tons of money for storage when the markers are already several bucks each? 
Want to make one?  You'll need:
  • several empty frosting tubs (I used five.  I also think Crystal Light containers would be great but I didn't have any to try.  Just make sure your containers are tall enough that the markers will stay inside when the containers are held sideways.)
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • something long and about 1/2" to 1" tall to act as a support at the front of the bottom so the holder slants (I used two plastic knives sandwiched together, though a dowel or scrap of wood would be preferable.)
Glue the frosting tubs together with hot glue.  Be sure to attach them at the opening and the base.  Start by gluing together the ones that will be on the bottom row.  Then attach higher rows.  Add the shim to the bottom front.  Let dry.  Fill and enjoy!  

Total cost: about 4¢, the cost of the two plastic knives I used.  The frosting tubs were saved from recycling and the hot glue gun and glue was from my grandmother's house.  (Do they even make oval glue sticks any more?)

If you make your own storage solution, I'd love to hear about it.  Leave me a link so I can see your most creative storage solution.  Bonus points if you made it, repurposed it, or upcycled it! 
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  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Pat K.

  2. This is BRILLIANT Kathryn! You go girl...

  3. GREAT IDEA..I use decorative tins, and vintage cups on thier sides but they ROLL around all the time.


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