Tuesday, June 12, 2012

33 invitations in 150 minutes

My poor OWH box is going to think I've thrown in the towel.  I haven't, but a few other pressing projects have kept me from making OWH cards in the past several days.

First it was the baby blankets, now it's bridal shower invitations.  My best friend since 9th or 10th grade is getting married this fall and as her maid of honor, I've got a few things to organize.   There are lots of voices in the decision making process- the bride, the mother of the bride, three other bridesmaids, and sometimes the groom gets a vote too.  This doesn't work well for me.  I'm a decision maker.  Let's listen to everyone's ideas, get the facts, and make a decision pronto.  I was contemplating this character trait earlier this evening and subsequently talked with the bride on the phone.  During our brief conversation about reserving parking lots for the wedding, she said, "Kathryn, you're a decision maker."  Unfortunately, either the other parties aren't of this ilk or no one feels comfortable enough to take the reigns and dictate a decision or even offer a fully formed opinion when it's solicited.   Anyway, that's built up to a bridal shower that's been in the planning stages for about three months.  We must have gone back and forth about location and date for over a month.  Finally, the venue contract was signed yesterday.  I had been waiting on finishing the invitations until I knew everything was OK.  I got the green light at 8pm or so and had the 33 invitations printed, assembled, and tucked into envelopes by 10:30.  Outta my way people, I want to be efficient!  I should say that I had addressed and stamped the envelopes a few days ago and pre-cut my cardstock layers over the weekend.  All that was left to do was print, cut down that cardstock to size, and attach the laters.  I'll deliver the invitations to the PO tomorrow and hope that the guests are good about sending me their RSVPs in a timely fashion.  Fingers crossed because I don't have phone numbers for the guests! 

I didn't include a photo of the invitation here because it's full of the personal details that one shouldn't publish on a blog and the shower is a surprise for the bride, so I wouldn't want her to read this and see a preview of anything!  It's very simple, anyway, just an invitation blank with a decorative border at the bottom and several layers of cardstock placed on top with the topmost layer printed with the invitation text.  Classic. 

Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: 620 blank and 200 AnyHero (as of 4/24)
Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695
Check out OWH at www.operationwritehome.org to learn more about its mission and how to get involved.

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