Friday, June 8, 2012

Wonderful Washi

I found some great washi tape at Goodwill today.  A package of four rolls was $1.99.  It was originally from Target and from what I read online, you can probably still get other colors in the same patterns for $4 a pack at Target.  I like this kind better than what I got at Walmart and wrote about a few days ago.  This kind is thinner, more sticky, and less opaque.  It's much more like masking tape than the Studio G stuff. 

I was able to make a bunch of cards with this washi in almost no time.  It's certainly easy to put these cards together and I love the colors!

Cards shipped to OWH in 2012: 620 blank and 200 AnyHero (as of 4/24)
Cards shipped to OWH in 2011: 1695
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  1. Love the butterfly! tfs!!!

  2. nice job of using the washi tape in so many ways. I kinda of thought there was probably some better brands out there.


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