Saturday, May 7, 2011

And so it begins...

Christmas is more than seven months away, but in OWH terms, the deadline is in about 5 months. I had been looking for a stamp saying "Oh Christmas tree" since, well, Christmas. I finally found an acceptable one on eBay and got it inked up so I could finish a Christmas palm tree. I figured it would be perfect for the heroes in the Middle East to send home.

I also worked on some snowflakes on this "Let it Snow" card. It was a fun one to design, but a pain to glue down. If I get into making these, the Xyron is coming out. Doing all this gluing with a glue pen is nuts!

In other news, my cleaning was going slowly, so I decided to count my stamps (knowing this would force me to organize as I went). The total was staggering to me. 1435 stamps. I would estimate that I had less than 100 when I moved to this apartment, meaning I've collected over 1300 in 2.5 years. Oh my goodness- that's a bit embarrassing. Around 400 are wood mounted and most of the rest are acrylic. Additionally, I have over 75 punches (but never the right size) and over 50 ink colors (but never the right shade). I'm glad I did my little inventory. I think it will help me curb my collecting. At least somewhat.

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  1. It is crazy how fast we amass such a large amount of crafting items, isn't it? I tend to think your taking of inventory won't curb your colecting that much though. I know it hasn't curbed mine at all, even though I say every signle week "I will not buy anything this week for crafting". I have not slowed down one bit. It's just an addiction, but a very good one. You and I have the same blog header design. Thank you for sharing your cards. I look forward to seeing many more of your creations.


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