Saturday, May 7, 2011

I started cleaning today...

...and had to use up some scraps, so I made some cards too!

This paper was another cheap back at Tuesday Morning with 25 identical sheets for $1.99. You can see that the blue lines are glossy. I knew I needed a car stamp to go with it but I actually don't have one. I think I must have well over 2000 stamps now (perhaps I'll count soon), so I'm surprised by this hole in my collection. My new scooter was a decent substitute. A little texting lingo let me use up some stickers on a sheet with no more of the letters e, t, a, and a few other crucial ones. I used more of the grosgrain ribbon from the towels I bought at Target. Scrappy indeed!

I've really gotten into the quilted background idea recently. I made my mom's Mother's Day card with this technique as well as a love card for OWH. This birthday one would have been great last month for the funny card theme on the OWH FB page. The inside says "mine is unlisted." I love the trim on this little guy.

Another patchwork background. My new staple design. Sandy gave me the idea for cutting the sentiment as a flag on the last episode of OWHtv. I really like it.

The OWH Father's Day deadline is approaching quickly...May 21st. That's just two weeks from today. I want to have my box full by then. It might happen, but I might have to bump down to a medium flat rate box instead of the large that I wanted to send. I thought this was a perfect sentiment for OWH Father's Day cards. Since our heroes are sending them home, it'll be nice for them to tell their dads how much they look up to them. I made tons of these shirts a few weeks back, so there might be a few dozen of these cards in my box.

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  1. what fun cards. I love the paper packs from Tuesday Morning.. they are an awesome deal. I've never seen that paper before that you used on the scooter card, I'm going to have to stop in there soon to see if they have any. thanks for sharing ~ Pam


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