Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Box #2

My second big box of cards will be on its way to Dixie of OWH tomorrow. This one contains 243 cards. Since I started sending cards at the beginning of the year, I have mailed 336 + 10 + 243 = 589 cards. Considering my goal was 365 for this year, I'm thrilled. I know the summer will be even more productive for me since I don't have to work. I'm making a new goal of 100 Christmas cards this year (four or five are done already).

In trying to pack up my box, I was really aiming for a large flat rate box. I couldn't make enough cards to fill it up, so I stuffed what I could into a medium flat rate box. Turns out, there was even a bit of space left in it. I even had more cards to put in, but my OWH stamp is MIA. Gasp! I have torn a good bit of the house apart looking for it and have come to the conclusion that it got swept into the trash with my scraps. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to be brave and dig through the garbage bag I put out yesterday. Yes, this is gross. But, I want my stamp back! If I can't find it, I'll have to order a new one and I might actually spring for a custom one with my name. :)

I won't be making Fourth of July cards because that deadline is the end of the month and I won't be mailing before then. I might work on some Back to School and Halloween cards next, but my main focus is now going to shift to Christmas. As a teacher, I won't be doing the Back to School cards in the summer. If I don't do them before school lets out, I will skip them as well. I don't wish for summer to end! I bought some Christmas ornament paper for 10 cents per sheet at JoAnn's this weekend. Each sheet has 25 ornament squares. If I am dedicated, that could mean up to 50 Christmas cards right there. I had fun playing with my snowflake punches and rhinestones last week to make "Let it Snow" cards and will definitely make more of them. Another card I'll be doing is my Christmas palm tree. Then I can also make duplicates of my personal Christmas card from last year with a nativity scene. Finally, I have some ribbon that looks like Santa's belt. I want to use some red card stock, attach the belt, and heat emboss "ho ho ho" in white. I have so many ideas, I need the time to get working on them!

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