Monday, May 23, 2011

Paper Bouquet

My friend and roommate from college is getting married next month. One thing she wanted was a toss bouquet made of paper flowers. This is the third rendition and I think it's very much like my friend. She loves it and said had she seen it earlier, she would have saved $800 on flowers and just made these for everyone to carry. :)

Each petal (the green flower has 6) is made from a square of copy paper. I used 4.25 inch squares so I could get four squares from each sheet. You fold the square into a petal, glue the individual petals into flowers, and then I used hot glue and pipe cleaners for stems to put it all together. I finished the flowers off with pom-pom centers which really made them pop.

I'm happy with the result. If you had been privy to the other paper bouquets, you'd understand just how happy I am with this.

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