Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neckties to go with the shirts!

OWH came through today with a new necktie tutorial. It's the perfect companion to the shirt tutorial from last year around Father's Day.

I put the two together and -voila- five more Father's Day cards for OWH. :) Oh, and one "Praying for you" because the papers reminded me of that sentiment.

A close-up of one card.

A few sizing tips to share. I made the shirt with paper from a mat stack (4.5" by 6.5"). The best size for the tie paper was then 2" square. You can see some of my cards have larger ties. Those were 2.5" square. I think I prefer the proportion of the smaller ties, even if they're a bit harder to fold. I also found it was easier to put some ATG tape down the middle of the tie as I went to keep things together.

Have fun making your ties!!!


  1. Great 'guy' cards! Good work!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the link to the 2010 Father's Day tutorial for the shirt! Now I can make cards with shirts, cards with ties AND cards with shirts and ties. Woohoo!


  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!


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