Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 paper challenge- card #1

In my last post, I chose ten papers that have been hanging around in my craft room for entirely too long. This week, they're getting cropped, embossed, distressed, punched, layered, pierced, and more to bring you some cards that prove you don't have to have new paper to make good cards.

Today's paper comes to you courtesy of paper #1, a blue swirl design from Paper Pizazz and an 8-year veteran of my supply army. I matched some pastel blue cardstock to the swirls and remembered the trick of using some contrast in the form of black layers to make things pop. Most things on the card are old. All of the paper is at least a year old except for the white which I go through too quickly for it to last a year. The punches are old standbys and they get put to use all the time. The brads are relatively new. The stamp is my one concession to brand new stuff. I bought it last weekend at Michael's from the dollar bin.

Does this convince you that old paper doesn't have to look old? If not, tune in for the other nine cards in the coming days. I would love to promise one a day, but school is starting soon and it needs to be my priority. If I can get some done ahead of time, I'll do that. :)

Can I ask you a favor? Please go vote for my card at Spotted Canary. If I win, I'm going to donate the prize money to OWH. You need to be logged into FB and you may vote once a day until Sept. 7th. Tell your friends!!! Thanks so much!

Cards shipped to OWH (as of 8/2/11): 964

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