Saturday, August 20, 2011

Babies, babies, everywhere!

I'm in the middle of about a six week period of baby fever. One of my cousins had a little boy, Carter, on the 8th. A good friend and coworker had a daughter, Tanis, on Thursday. Another cousin and a friend are both expecting sons within about a month. Actually, the friend is due today. All these babies mean lots of cards!

I whipped up this cutie patootie today for my coworker. We're giving her diapers and wipes since it's her third child and she's pretty well set up with the exception of the consumables. I think the stamp is a riot. I hope she'll get a good laugh from it!

Also of note- this was my first paper piecing. I started with a super, super simple stamp and just one piece to attach. It's cute, so I might do more.

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