Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Box #4

I just mailed my largest box yet to OWH. It was a large flat rate box stuffed (and not quite flat on the top because I crammed it full) with 375 cards! Combined with the 589 I had mailed in three previous shipments, this brings my total number of cards for OWH to 964- just a hair under 1000. Fabulous! I think I'll make my 1,000th card tomorrow because I finished 7 today and have a set of 24 panda cards nearly finished. They'll be done before bed. That's 31 more, so I'll only need 5 to make it to 1,000! So excited!

Back at the beginning of the summer, I challenged myself to two three goals for OWH. (Time out- As I went back to find the post in which I mentioned the goals I realized I actually had made three goals. Oops!) To remind you (and me) of the goals, here they are again along with updates.

1. Make 100 Christmas cards by the end of summer So far, I've made 71, so I feel good that I can finish 29 more in the next two weeks. Proportionally, I'm pretty well on track because summer is about 3/4 over. Ugh, why did I type that?!?
2. Fill a large flat-rate box. Yep, that's done. I thought it would hold 400 cards but mine only held 375. I used a number of thicker embellishments like felt shapes and googlie eyes which took up more room than the average card.
3. Host another party, or at a minimum select the date and prep card kits. This is the goal I'd forgotten, yet somehow I managed to get the ball rolling on this yesterday anyway. I planned a party for September 9th and already have 5 or 6 people attending with some others likely to attend. I even prepped one kit of 20 cards. Prepping the others will be tough. I had some ideas today but they ended up too complicated. I'm going to aim for 100 kits again as that seemed to be a pretty good number last time.

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